Thursday, December 29, 2011

Help your children to write a funny kids poem

| Thursday, December 29, 2011 |

The summer has come, and the kids are going to have a long vacation with many things to do.

Unfortunately, just before they can start to dream about their plan in the beloved summer, their teachers suddenly ask them to write a poem before going back home. For many children, they hate to be made to do something by others, and especially when the task now is a poem. I must admit that it’s really terrifying, because I’ve forced to write one so far, and I remember how difficult it was. Moreover, they must read aloud their poem to the rest of the class. So, just in case your children can not come over the obstacles, why don’t you give them a hand so that they may help some funny, clever lines to present with their classmates?

Just take it easy, because the teachers are not asking for an excellent poem, so your children should write a poem following perfectly to the form and at least, make sense. No need to add much imagination or rhythm, it’s the way so complicated for a kids poem. It’s better if your kids may write a funny poem, as funny as possible. Tell your children to check it against when it’s completed, and you may estimate it and decide if it could work well. Limericks and haiku are advised, because the two types can be written easily with not much bad points. About the content, it may vary; the things in daily life or fantastic world are all acceptable.

Finally, I give you a poem as an example. Hope your family may craft a good poem. Good luck