Friday, December 9, 2011

The Autumn In Kids Poem

| Friday, December 9, 2011 |

The four seasons have been the inspiration for many poets so far when they wrote their poems for the kids.

Each season has its unique that has been described in many poems as well as artworks of other art, the warm spring, the hot summer, the cloudy autumn and the cold winter. I read lots of kid poems during my childhood and for me, the most beautiful season is the autumn. Different with the autumn in the adult’s eye, the kids have their own set of emotions which they associate with the cloudy season.

kids poetry

For them, the beauty of the autumn like inside the colorful forest, when the leaves on the tree turn into different color, the green one over here, the orange, the yellow and the brown lie on the field, and by any chance the kids may also find the leaf of red. The brown trees are far away, and meet the green meadow at the horizon. The attraction of the autumn may also be found through investigating the sound.

The sound of the wind fly through the forest leaves behind a chain of melody that is similar to coming out from a flute, and maybe the sound of all kinds of bird that are flying to the south to find a shelter for the coming winter. But the sound in the autumn is somehow not as impressive as the quietness. Each autumn lots of leaves leave the tress, but they do not make the slightest sound, and lie quietly on the ground until vanquish, or be puffing by and blowing off towards the sky. As I have known so far, the adult have a tendency consider the autumn as the season with sad screen, but the children of course don’t agree.

With them, the autumn is full with joy and fun, when they finish their collection of the leaves on the ground, the cocoons and acorns that sticking to the tree. The kids has a whole special feel to the autumn, and that hardly-earned feeling is the dream of many adult that want to have a ticket of the train “back to the past”.

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